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Meat + Zucchini

Sometimes I think we overthink meals, get overwhelm with steps and ingredients in a fancy recipe, and just end up making something quick out of a box. My goal lately really has just been simplicity. A good meat, a colorful veggie, and a favorite seasoning.

It is New Years Day as I am writing this, and I am really not into making a big deal out of resolutions because they can be so silly and most people abandon them before the month is even up. But I want to encourage you (and myself) to maybe try something new this year with food.

Most of us will not, or cannot, change what we are able to buy as much as we may want to. We just kind of get used to eating the same foods and making the same meals over and over again, while our fancy cookbooks collect dust.

So for this year, my focus is going to be using different seasonings and sauces. I always get the same basic food, and that will most likely not change anytime soon. But what I can change is how I prepare them. Right now, I am stuck on Simply Organic’s All Season salt because it literally works on anything: meat, veggies, eggs, popcorn, etc. But this year I want to try new spices and sauces to jazz things up a bit.

Until then, here is a basic recipe that is made in our household on a regular basis. Pork tenderloins and zucchini. Tonight, my husband James took over the meat while I sliced veggies and took photos of the ingredients as we went! Only prep we did was stab the tenderloin a bunch of times, season it with the All Season salt, and toss it in the oven for about 20 minutes. While it was cooking, I sliced the zucchini, put it in a cast iron skillet with the same season salt, and a chunk of butter. That’s it.

Even though this meal is sort of played out in our house, it’s still delicious and takes so little effort and prep time that it is still worth it every time.

Here is the final product: (minus the BBQ sauce that I added later, because pork is just so good with BBQ sauce, and also because it was just a tad dry.)

Enjoy the New Year, eat some good food, and try to make changes that you can stick to, and actually want to stick to!

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