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Texas Cheese

Hello from ATX!

I am here for my second round of workshops for my Nutritional Therapy course. These trips really have a way of getting me out of my comfort zone, but that’s part of the experience I suppose!

Yesterday I walked to In.gredients, a local grocery market. They had a bunch of picnic tables outside, and a big garden where they actually grow all of the produce that they sell. The store is zero waste, and offer a lot of bulk items. After about 6 circles around the small store, I finally decided on some local Longhorn beef stew meat, rice, sweet potatoes, and this incredible cheese.

It is a Marieka Smoked Gouda, and it was seriously the best cheese I have ever had. I wish I could remember where it came from, maybe I will have to go back and find out.

It’s pretty hard to find real cheese anymore. Most store-bought cheese shouldn’t even be able to call themselves cheese. Real cheese has such great health benefits from the natural cultures, which also provide such rich and unique flavors as well! And it’s just beautiful.

I ended up just cooking all of the ingredients I bought, and throwing it all in a pot with some of this Gouda melted over it. Not gonna lie, I impressed myself! I made enough for a few days, but unfortunately I took it to class with me, and there was no where to keep it, so it may be no good anymore. I’ll just pretend I didn’t spend as much as I did on it all so maybe I won’t be as sad. The rest of the cheese wedge is fine though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

I am sure I will have more food experiences this weekend, and I will of course share them here. Now I must go relax my brain for more tests tomorrow!


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