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Easy Eating

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by food. The thought the you have to eat multiple times every day, which means buying all of that food, and preparing it, and which equals even more work if you have a larger family to take care of! I can see why convenience food and fast food have become so popular!

But then sometimes I make a meal that is just so quick, easy, and cheap, while still being nutritious and clean, that I realize that it really is possible to eat well in a rush and on a budget.

For this particular meal, I used a mini steak and frozen veggies. I bought everything at Natural Grocers, and the whole meal took less then 10 minutes.


  • Meyer Natural Beef Top Sirloin (cut in half) $5.21 – 6 ounce
  • Cascadian Farms California-style blend frozen vegggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini) $1.79 – 10 ounce bag
  • Organic Valley Cultured butter (2 Tbsp)
  • Simply Organic All Season salt

While the steaks portions were cooking in a skillet (in the leftover bacon grease from breakfast of course), I sauteed the veggies in a cast iron skillet with a nice chunk of butter. I seasoned all of it with the season salt. It all took about 10 minutes, with zero chopping, peeling, cutting, etc.

My husband and I both ate it all for lunch. (We would probably each do our own steak next time, but it was a good portion for a quick lunch.) Basically it fed both of us for $7.00, $3.50 per person. You would pay more than that if you fed two people even at McDonald’s! That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. 10 minute lunch with organic veggies and grass fed steak.

Butter is a natural source of butyric acid, which does many things, but mainly supports the cells of the intestines and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Also, it makes food taste incredible.

Pictured above is the steak browning beautifully in some bacon grease. Meyer Natural Angus has no added antibiotics or hormones, grass fed, vegetarian fed and humanely handled. It probably isn’t the highest quality steak, but it was very-budget friendly, while not compromising on standards or losing out on nutrient by getting conventional meat.

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