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We’re Better Than This

I heard a quote today that rocked my world. It was all things I already knew, but hearing it come out of someone else’s mouth all in one sitting made me realize how real it is, and what a threat it is to our culture and well-being. It was stated by Jeffery Goldberg, editor-in-chief at The Atlantic, but he was quoting Tyler Cowen, an American economist. It was not a conversation about health, but it obviously hits all of the points of what is wrong with our society currently

“The economist Tyler Cowen has an interesting theory about about why, he’s arguing that there won’t be a revolution in America, whatever kind of revolution you can imagine. And he says that we as a country we supply sufficient amounts of cheap calories to our citizenry and sufficient amount of entertainment options, video games and the like. No, that so people are actually narcotized into a kind of quiescence about their condition. I would add to that a third, which is the marketization of actual narcotics, opioid epidemic, being a case in point.” -Jeffery Goldberg”

Basically, what was being said is how Americans are passive, apathetic, and unhealthy, to the point that they would never be able to create any sort of movement or do anything of consequence. This made me so angry, but more so sad because it is true. In a world of fast food, fake food, man-made diseases, addictive prescription drugs with terrible side effects, and a plethora of digital entertainment, we have become sick, overweight, tired, addicted, and ultimately distracted.

We no longer value the idea of caring for our bodies and minds and the health of our families. Instead, we are living the ‘American Dream’ which to most seems to be working a job we don’t really like, but it pays for our fancy house, while ‘rewarding’ our selves by eating out and camping out in front of a TV to unwind. I think this is sad, and I think that we are better than this. We should be using our bodies and our minds, growing and developing both to reach our greatest potential.

I have heard it said that we only use 51% of our actual brain capacity. Mix that with the fact that most people are not eating adequate fats to supply the brain, while consuming all sorts of preservatives, additives, heavy metals, toxins, and drugs that damage our brain cells. Then take that and combine in the weighty influence of the entertainment industry on our time and our minds, and you have a dumbed-down society that will never think for themselves or achieve all that they are capable of.

This can be seen most prevalently in the youth of America. Kids are kept inside, never to run and explore in grass and trees, fed sugar-laden, processed foods, and are glued to a screen. Once they show any sign of learning disability or disruptive behavior, they are given drugs. This is obviously a loaded topic, but one that I think clearly shows this phenomenon happening to our civilization.

Hearing this quote motivated me more than most things to not be that person that they described. I want to eat real food, keep my body in good physical shape, get off my butt and be active, use my brain, read books, learn, teach, and do. I hope it does the same for you, because we were meant for so much more than that.

If you want to start living a fuller, more meaningful and healthy life, please contact me. I would love to work with you and help you achieve this.

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