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Safer Skin

Your skin is an organ. Not just wrapping. 

I believe that most people just see their skin as this bag holding all their insides together. Therefore, what you put on it really doesn’t matter because the skin protects your insides from the outside world. 

This is all wrong. 

Your skin is your largest organ, made up of cells that absorb anything you put on it. Whatever goes into those cells ends up in your bloodstream.  This is a bit scary, but just because we live in such a toxic world.  It doesn’t have to be that way though. You have complete control over what goes on, and in, your body. This is obvious with food, but what about body care products and makeup?  Most products are loaded with chemicals, artificial ingredients, and unnatural preservatives. All of those ingredients are going into your body, but how can anyone ever really know what they are getting?

That’s why I found Beautycounter. This is a company that has a long list of Nevers, meaning they know that some ingredients can be toxic, and they refuse to use them. They are also pushing for stronger regulations on what goes into body care products, and bringing more awareness to the damages those chemicals are doing to people. 

Click here to browse their products and to read more up on what they are about as a company. Message me with any questions!

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