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Bacon Every Day

Just wanted to do a quick blog about my breakfast. I eat bacon and eggs with salt every morning. I know, right? The FDA would hate me, which is why I do it. Americans have been following the FDA’s guidance since 1906, and we are sicker, fatter, and dying of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes at an alarming rate. Not very convincing if you ask me. Which is why I decided to learn for myself how the body works, how nutrients are used, and what causes dysfunction. What I found contradicted most everything I was taught growing up.


Quality fat is needed for healthy cell wall formation, stellar brain functions, production of hormones, and as a slow-burning source of energy. However, quality is key with fat. Fats can go rancid if not taken good care of, or if they are from poor sources. This is especially true in meat, as the fat holds any toxins that were present in the animal. Therefore, be very picky about what you buy. Organic, pasture-based meats will be free of antibiotics and hormones, and also offer high nutrient levels, as they animals are allowed to eat what they are meant to eat, instead of grain and soy that most conventional farms feed the animals.

Fat is also a key player in weight loss. Don’t let the name fool you, eating fat does not result in fat accumulation in the body. Stored fat generally comes from excess glucose in the blood stream, which comes from sugars and extra carbohydrates. Someone that is avoiding fat naturally consumes more carbohydrates, which flood the body with more glucose than is need. In turn, that glucose is stored as fat for later use. Also, glucose provides quick energy, which you burn through quicker, and become hungry sooner. Fat provides sustaining energy that you can use over a longer period of time, which leads to eating less and eating less often.


Eggs are great sources of cholesterol, and this scares many people because their doctors have told them to be scared of it. Cholesterol is found in clogged arteries, so it takes the blame for heart disease. However, which some simple anatomy and physiology knowledge, you learn that cholesterol is like the firefighters responding to a fire. It is sent to where there is damage or inflammation, and once there, it patches up that damage. You wouldn’t blame the first responders for starting a fire they have come to put out, would you?

Cholesterol is a building block of hormones, brain function, and, as stated above, for regulation inflammation in the body. Inflammation and damage in the body comes from a number of other factors, whether that be excess glucose, leaky gut, or external toxins. If one was to halt the production of cholesterol with medication, or avoid eating it all together, the original root problems still run rampant, but now with nothing to hold them back. Many other issues ensue from this, as the lack of cholesterol halts the hormone production and brain functions as well.

So, bottom line, eat the eggs, yolk and all.


Most people have begun to avoid salt because they are told to avoid too much sodium. I would like to state first that the excess of sodium that is causing most of today’s issues comes from processed, boxed, shelf-stable food. It is used for preservation, and therefore it is found in very large amounts in things such as canned soups, boxed meals, or basically anything that will not spoil if left out. Hundreds of milligrams of sodium sitting in a small can is a big difference from adding some natural sea salt to a meal. Natural, unadulterated sea salt is a fantastic source of so many different trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and of course, sodium. You need healthy levels of sodium and potassium to manage the flow of nutrients and water in and out of every single cell in your body. They are the gate keepers of the cells.

Basic table salt is processed beyond belief, therefore I recommend you get true sea salt, with no other added ingredients. I also use organic black pepper because it provides the nutrient bioperine, which aids the body in absorbing needed nutrients from whatever you are eating, making them bio-available. Also, salt and pepper just make anything taste good!

Obviously, there are days when we wake up and decide to make pancakes instead, but those are more like a treat now. I try to avoid anything that will spike my blood sugar first thing in the morning. This comes from sugary, sweet breakfast items like pancakes, bagels, cereal, juice, yogurt, oatmeal, pastries, etc. If your blood sugar spikes early, it will crash early. It’s simple roller coaster science. Start steady, stay steady. I honestly don’t crash in the afternoon like I used to, and I stay satisfied until I get around to lunchtime.

I do like to include a small fruit, such as a tangerine or banana, and sometimes I even wait an hour or two after my eggs and bacon. This is a good way to incorporate something raw and get the benefits from the life-giving fruit. Lastly, a nice big glass of water. My personal favorite way to drink water lately has been Ozark Springs carbonated water, especially the lemon-lime flavor. This way, it makes it more exciting to drink, but you also are getting good clean water, but still guaranteed the mineral content that is missing from many filtered waters.

There you have it, my mornings in a nutshell. Enjoy!

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