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Food Aesthetics

viking platter food

Anyone care about the aesthetics of your food? It may not be the most important aspect of what you eat, but I believe it matters.

Digestion starts in the brain, so if your brain is visually triggered by food, then all of your senses are triggered. The sight and smell of food starts transmissions from the brain to the rest of the digestive system to get ready.

This triggering of the digestive system does a few things. It starts the flow of saliva in the mouth to help with the initial break down of the food as you chew (more important than people assume!). It also begins to release the proper stomach acid and enzymes to prep the stomach for the food that it is about to receive. All of these steps are essential, as the food must be broken down properly and at the right pH level before it can properly move on into the intestines.

Another important step in prepping the digestive system is allowing it time to switch over to the parasympathetic mode. This requires a certain level of relaxation, as it allows the body to focus its resources on digesting, and not other activities. This is why it is so important to actually sit and enjoy a meal. To have food that you appreciate and look at first, it gives your body the chance to switch the nervous system over and be completely ready for its important task at hand. For this reason, eating on the go and eating fast food and junk food does not allow for this, and it messes with the natural process by which we need to properly digest the food we eat.

Speaking of food aesthetics, check out this Viking Platter from Odin Brewing Co, captured by hayden_bllck

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