Relic Nutrition | Post-Workout Parfait
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Post-Workout Parfait

yogurt sweet potato parfaitSometimes I just get tired of making a protein shake when we get home from the gym. My solution? Just to eat something that is protein rich! My closest solution is European style whole fat yogurt. I chose this because it is a runny style yogurt, so it is still fairly liquid and will absorb quickly like a protein shake would.

For this parfait, I used Straus Family Creamery yogurt, and Farmer’s Market Sweet Potato purée. I topped it with some organic chia seeds and honey. All together, it came out to be about 14 grams of protein, which isn’t anything super impressive, but I am a smaller frame and also not trying to bulk. I also started the morning with a slice of bacon and 2 eggs, so I had gotten some protein then as well. (if you need more protein, you can even mix in a little bit of protein powder to your yogurt. Just make sure the powder you are using is clean and not full of additives and extra *stuff* you don’t need).

sweet potato parfait yogurt

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