Nutritional therapy looks at the body as a whole, and realized that every single person is different and has different needs. The goal is to focus on foundational issues to resolve issues using a balanced diet of whole food.

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initial consultation

This first meeting will be 1 hour long, and will be an in-depth initial interview so I can get a feel for where you are with your health, what your main concerns are, and what your goals are. There will be a comprehensive questionnaire that I will have you fill out before we meet, and I will also have you complete a 3-day food journal leading up to our scheduled appointment.

follow-up session

The follow-up session is an meeting where we can go over any changes you have experienced, retake the questionnaire, and see if any additional recommendations are needed. The first follow-up will be 2 weeks after the initial interview, and after that, there will be a few different options depending on how often you want to meet.

full 3-month program

Sometimes the situation is a bit more severe, and will take more time, or you just simply may need more accountability on your journey. With the full program, we commit to working together for 3 months, or longer if you want. I will be by your side the entire time, with regular follow-up sessions and resources.